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Pop-ups on your computer try to trick you into providing vital information

fraud handsThere is a new scam campaign that has recently been brought to our attention regarding computer pop-up messages and phone calls. This advanced scheme includes elements of electronic tech support scams with impersonations of real personnel at the Federal Reserve and Schwab/other institutions in attempts to obtain your assets and sensitive data.

Here’s how the scam works:

  1. A pop-up message appears pretending to be from either Microsoft or Apple warning that your computer has been compromised.
  2. The popup instructs you to call a provided "tech support" number that connects to a fraudster.
  3. After speaking with the fraudsters, you would be contacted by someone claiming to work for Schwab as a "security officer", who informs you that your Schwab account is "compromised". The Schwab employee impersonator tells you they must transfer the funds into an account in "federal custody", and your money will be returned in three business days once your account has been "encrypted" for safety.
  4. Once you follow these instructions, your money disappears.

Here’s what you can do to protect your information:

  1. DO NOT click on links or call any numbers based on any instructions provided from computer pop-ups.
  2. Always verify the phone numbers you are calling.
  3. NEVER grant remote access to your accounts to anyone.
  4. When in doubt, call our office directly to verify any communication received electronically.

If you've been subjected to a scam attempt like this, please contact the Norfolk Sheriff's Office's Consumer Protection Unit to file a report.

File a Fraud Report