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plilogoMany families have loved ones who are prone to wandering, due to Alzheimer’s, Autism or Down Syndrome.

Norfolk Sheriff’s Office is here to help with Project Lifesaver, which was implemented in 2001.

For $10 a month, you will receive a personalized radio transmitter to place on your loved one. If they wander away, you can call deputies to help find them. It usually takes deputies about a half hour to find a lost person wearing a radio transmitter. These devices, about the size of a wrist-watch, emit a signal for about a half mile radius that is used to track the device.

NSO has rescued more than 400 people since the program started in 2001. That’s the most rescues out of nearly 1,300 Project Lifesaver public safety organizations nationwide.

Trained Norfolk Sheriff’s Office employees are ready to respond day or night in the event a client becomes lost.

These are the most recent available statistics for our program:

Project Lifesaver 2016

For more information about Project Lifesaver please call (757) 328-2485.

You can also visit their website at:http://www.projectlifesaver.org/


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