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    LGBT Liasons 16x9As we reported back in February of 2017, although long an inclusive workplace, the Norfolk Sheriff's Office, under the leadership of Sheriff Joe Baron, took the additional step of appointing Lt. Meryah Breeden as on-staff LGBT Liason (as well as Corporal Xavier Kent to be her assistant) for the NSO.

    Recently, Lt. Breeden - along with LGBT liasons from law enforcement agencies across the area and other advocates for the LGBT community - was a guest on The Hampton Roads Show on WAVY-TV, talking about the positive impact their work is having.

    In the February article, Sheriff Baron said he hoped that by making Lieutenant Breeden and Corporal Kent available to staff members, every employee will feel embraced as a person when he or she comes to work. "No one should have to check his or her identity at the door," he said.

    This initiative was embraced by Hampton Roads Pride. "We are beyond excited to have their commitment to equality and for their service to the community," president Michael Berlucchi said.

    Read the original story HERE

    Following the appearance by Lt. Breeden on The Hampton Roads Show, Sheriff Baron received the following letter from Mr. Berlucchi (who was also a guest on the program):

    Dear Sheriff Baron,

    I’m writing to share a clip from the Hampton Roads Show, filmed on Wednesday, September 27, featuring Lieutenant Meryah Breeden discussing her role as the LGBT Liaison at the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office with host Kerri Furey.

    Thank you for appointing Lt. Breeden as the first LGBT Liaison at a Hampton Roads Sheriff’s Office. Since she accepted the role, which was voluntary and is supplemental to her primary responsibilities, I can report, with confidence, that the relationship between the Sheriff’s Office and the LGBT community has been strengthened because of her efforts and your support. I am convinced that Norfolk is safer and more equitable because of her talents and dedication to her role as a law enforcement professional.

    I am proud and grateful that a person of her integrity serves our community and thank you for your bold, decisive leadership to make this appointment and your commitment to promote public safety and inclusive practices.

    I value and appreciate our partnership and look forward to the opportunity to continue to work with you and Lt. Breeden to serve our community.


    Michael Berlucchi
    Hampton Roads Pride


    View the original story from "The Hampton Roads Show"on WAVY-TV 10 HERE



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