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    D Team Cover PhotoArticle written by Cpl. R. Cleek during his time on D-Team
    The "leader-leader" concept is promoted by our team commanders. Lt. Glaser, Sergeant E. Williams and Sergeant Middleton give all of their corporals the freedom to run our zones the way we see fit. Because of this, we are able to empower our floor supervisors to make the day to day decisions, and we are able to sit back and be resources to facilitate the success of the deputies as well as the new recruits.

    Public Safety: Keeping a safe environment inside the jail
    I was recently the D-Team Zone Corporal charged with the responsibility of maintaining smooth, efficient and safe operations for the 7th and 8th floors of the jail.  Among those responsibilities is also the task of promoting an enjoyable work atmosphere where deputies can concentrate on being successful and making sound decisions, instead of working under the fear of failure and scrutiny. Certain individuals made my job extremely easy and enjoyable.

    Public Service: Operating the city’s jail
    I believe all deputies come to work wanting to do a good job, wanting to give 100% and wanting to make a difference. This describes the ladies of the 8th floor to a tee. Master Deputy M. Isureal, Deputy R. Parker, Deputy T. Burrus, Deputy T. Schumpert, Deputy A. Hardy and Recruit A. Ellis are a supervisor's dream come true. In the past 15 years, I can't recall the last time I have seen a group of deputies command, control, and own a post the way these ladies do. I rarely had to make an appearance on the 8th floor. That is not because I don't have time or don't want to, it's because I don't need to. When they conduct their cell inspections in the mornings, it is picture perfect! Their post is always clean and sharp. It is a clinic on how to run a floor. These ladies work hard day in and day out without wavering in their professionalism and compassion for both themselves and inmates alike.

    Public Trust: Treating inmates fairly and with respect
    Deputy Lightfoot has been with the NSO for just over a year, but only recently has he been sworn.  He is currently our floor supervisor of the 7th floor, and that alone speaks volumes for the type of individual he is. The 7th floor of the Jail has a notorious reputation for being one of the more "active" floors in the jail. Walking the floors today you would never know that. Deputy Lightfoot has a way about him that even inmates respond to in a positive way. Rarely are there instances where inmates are out of compliance with jail rules, but if they become out of compliance, he simply reminds them of the infraction, and more times than not, the issue is corrected with no banter or resistance from the inmate.

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