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    Meritorious PerformanceDeputies Brooks and Davis save woman at Norfolk Walmart who overdosed on opioids, collapsed, and turned blue.
    The most recent case involves two deputies who saved a woman’s life at a Norfolk Walmart on May 20, 2018.

    She overdosed on opioids, collapsed near the checkout area, and started turning blue. Deputies Brooks and Davis, who were working part time security in the store, immediately responded and performed CPR. The woman regained consciousness. When Norfolk Fire and Rescue arrived, they administered Narcan and took the woman to the hospital.

    Deputy Miller, Deputy Wilkins, Recruit Ramos, and Deputy Gordon-Moss save inmate who attempted suicide by hanging from cell bars.
    Norfolk deputies are responsible for the safety and security of about 1,100 inmates every day. On Dec. 19, 2017, Deputy Miller, Deputy Wilkins, and Recruit Ramos were doing rounds and heard a “choking sound” from a single cell on the post. They discovered an inmate who had hung herself from the cell bars. Miller lifted the inmate up to provide relief from her body weight. Wilkins removed the sheet from her neck, and Ramos provided security while Gordon-Moss retrieved the cell key. They called a medical code for additional staff to respond. The deputies followed their instincts, performed their duties properly during rounds, and successfully kept the inmate from taking her own life.

    Deputies Edwards, Freeman, and Bizzell save inmate who attempted suicide by tying bed sheet around neck.
    On Dec. 7, 2017,  Deputy Edwards saw an inmate in the act of trying to commit suicide by wrapping a sheet around his neck. Edwards, Freeman and Bizzell responded. Bizzell placed his fingers between the inmate’s neck and the sheet to clear his airway, and then used his 911 tool to remove the sheet from the inmate and used a head tilt/child lift to open his airway until he became responsive. The NSO Medical and Mental Health personnel arrived to do their assessment and placed him on Suicide Precaution Watch for his safety and security.


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