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    Nso Fitness Michael English and Kim BeanAfter many tests, Mike English’s doctor told him he had cancer. “It was likely caused by my poor eating and exercise habits. For too long, I lived a sedentary life, sitting too long, watching the computer screen, reading and watching television. It took a cumulative negative effect on my body,” Mike said.  

    Mike underwent surgery to remove the cancer, but while recovering, he became overweight. Even worse, x-rays showed that he had developed Osteoarthritis, which is the most common form of arthritis. Additionally, he was diagnosed with prediabetes or too much sugar in the blood, which can come from sugary drinks and food. He knew it was time for change. 

    “Living a new type of lifestyle is hard. This is especially true when you throw in very personal feelings about body image and self-worth. Making exercise a habit was something I successfully did because I had to,” Mike remarked. 

    After dieting and working out, his health and symptoms improved drastically. He lost 30 pounds, his blood tests showed no signs of diabetes, his blood pressure decreased, and he could walk without a limp. Mike was exercising in NSO trailer when NSO Fitness Director Kim Bean invited him to the NSO fitness classes.

    “Fortunate for me and others, Mike attended the class without hesitation. There is no doubt that Mike is dedicated. He knows that being able to move his body without being in pain doesn’t come without work. And that work has paid off for himself, and for all of us that are around him,” Bean said.

    Mike says the NSO Fitness Classes provide a camaraderie that you wouldn’t get from a regular gym. “Working in an environment that offers exercise, such as the Sheriff’s HITT classes, run by a qualified fitness instructor, did wonders for my physical health.”

    Are you ready to take that first step and join the NSO Fitness Classes? Classes are held in the administration building large classroom. Contact Kim Bean with questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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