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    IMG 1170Our NSO Weekender Workforce collected 116 bags of refuse on a Sunday morning at the 2018 Berkley Reunion, which took place August 3 to 5.

    This annual event helps preserve the legacy and heritage of one of Norfolk's oldest and most historic neighborhoods, as well as providing current and former residents a chance to reunite. The Norfolk Sheriff's Office was glad to provide services to maintain the venue during this important event.

    Thanks to our work crews for all their efforts. You make us proud.

    The park before the cleanup:

    • IMG 1164
    • IMG 1165
    • IMG 1166
    • IMG 1167
    • IMG 1168
    • IMG 1169

      And the park after our workers performed their tasks:

      • IMG 1170
      • IMG 1171
      • IMG 1172
      • IMG 1173
      • IMG 1174


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