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    GED GraduationThe Norfolk Sheriff's Office is hitting a record for the number of GED graduates. When one inmate asked if he could study for the GED on his own, the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office got an idea for a new program. The self study program allows people in jail to study for the GED in their cells.

    We provide them with the books and materials, and they do all the work.

    Mr. Sexton who suggested the “self study” concept graduated with his GED on August 15. The Norfolk Sheriff's Office Jail Programs team has about 15 people right now, following in his footsteps. The NSO also has GED classes for those interested in learning in a classroom environment. Mr. Ross (pictured above) earned his GED, setting a record by finishing the process in only 3 months! It usually takes about 9 months. These men are proof that no matter what your situation, you can make the best of it. All of the recent grads thanked their teachers: Russell Muncie, Jennifer Carpenter, and Leslie Garrett. WAVY TV covered the story, which you can see here

    Ninety-five percent of people in jail today will eventually return back our community. Our challenge is to ensure they return with skills that make them less likely to commit future crimes. The most effective way to keep people out of jail is to educate them and give them job skills. Their lack of skills makes our community less safe. Without better options, many will return to the lifestyles that got them into trouble in the first place. Inmate programs save taxpayer dollars by helping to ensure that people don’t return to jail again on the taxpayer's dime.



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