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    A Team SupervisorsArticle by Sgt. Nieves
    We on A-team have naturally been incorporating the leader-leader concept well before knowing that it was something that Sheriff Baron wanted to employ. For example, we have had many deputies see attempted suicide incidents from start to finish, and zone corporals deal with and investigate physical altercations. The best part of the leader- leader concept is empowering our staff to be confident, and know that they can make a multitude of decisions at their level. Supervisors are here to guide and help out when needed. I remember when Corporal Todd first arrived to A-team, there was a fight in 3m14. He called the code. After Probe was activated and all had settled, Cpl. Todd had decided to use the tools and resources that he still had from when he was in STU. He investigated further, and by the end of the shift we had a clear understanding of the events that led to the fight and the why behind it all. All this was possible because Cpl. Todd took it upon himself to do his part.

    Integrity in All Things:
    Lt. Giovenco- Montano is the one that comes to mind when I see the words "integrity in all things." When you first meet Lt. “Gio,” either by transfer or becoming a new A-team family member, he sits you down and introduces himself. He hands you a sheet of paper with his expectations and values. Among his expectations and values there is the word INTEGRITY. This is a huge pet peeve of his. The great thing about Lt. Gio is that he leads by example in this department. Whether he talks to fellow staff, the inmates we care for, or the people of the community that he took an oath to protect, Lt. Gio can be trusted with his words and actions. No matter where he is or who is around, he can be trusted to do what should be done.

    Respect at All Times:
    Deputy Steffen is the example of this on our team. He is always courteous and respectful at all times. Whether working the window security detail, hospital watch or loading dock, he treats everyone he is in contact with respectfully. I have never seen Deputy Steffen have a bad day or treat others in a demeaning way. This is not something that he was taught, respectfulness is part of him.

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