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    GED GraduationThe Norfolk Sheriff's Office is hitting a record for the number of GED graduates. When one inmate asked if he could study for the GED on his own, the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office got an idea for a new program. The self study program allows people in jail to study for the GED in their cells.

    IMG 1170Our NSO Weekender Workforce collected 116 bags of refuse on a Sunday morning at the 2018 Berkley Reunion, which took place August 3 to 5.

    This annual event helps preserve the legacy and heritage of one of Norfolk's oldest and most historic neighborhoods, as well as providing current and former residents a chance to reunite. The Norfolk Sheriff's Office was glad to provide services to maintain the venue during this important event.

    The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office released its own lip sync video after being challenged by the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office. Within hours of the video being released, it was viewed nearly 40,000 times. It went on to receive millions of views from around the world.

    Norfolk Sheriff Joe Baron recognized two staff members for stopping an inmate gambling ring, and solving multiple crimes in the community by gathering intelligence in jail. Brenda Hallman Civilian of 2nd Quarter

    Brenda Hallman was selected as Civilian of the 2nd Quarter for her efforts in uncovering a gambling ring inside the Norfolk City Jail. Hallman, who works in the property division, noticed that one woman was coming to claim property for several inmates. She thought this was suspicious, so she alerted the jail’s Security Threat Unit (STU).

    D Team Cover PhotoArticle written by Cpl. R. Cleek during his time on D-Team
    The "leader-leader" concept is promoted by our team commanders. Lt. Glaser, Sergeant E. Williams and Sergeant Middleton give all of their corporals the freedom to run our zones the way we see fit.

    Nso Fitness Michael English and Kim BeanAfter many tests, Mike English’s doctor told him he had cancer. “It was likely caused by my poor eating and exercise habits. For too long, I lived a sedentary life, sitting too long, watching the computer screen, reading and watching television. It took a cumulative negative effect on my body,” Mike said.

    Sgt. Keisel leadership On a Sunday morning, our community corrections faced a sudden shortage in staffing – leaving M. Deputy A. Houck alone to supervise 20 weekenders. Sgt. Keisel, as the weekend supervisor, jumped into action.


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