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    toolboxesWhen secretaries receive Christmas gifts from their bosses, it's usually a gift card to a restaurant or a retail store or something hand-picked for the person.  Not expecting any gift at all, I was a bit surprised when Sheriff Baron presented me with a large, heavy, gift-wrapped box this year with a grin on his face from ear to ear.  I’m not sure who was more excited for me to open it – me or him. 

    Once I opened it, we both had a good laugh.  Many of the staff – both guys and ladies – know that in my storage closet there is a tool box.  It's not just any tool box, but a pink “Lady Mate” tool box with pink handles on the screwdrivers, pliers, and other pieces.  Nonetheless, when someone needed a simple tool, whether it was Special Projects, Technology, Training, or Administrative staff (even Sheriff Baron when he was a Captain and Colonel), they would help themselves to my toolbox. 

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    A ceremony to administer the oath of office to Sheriff Joseph Baron, as well as to approximately 100 NSO deputies, was held in the rotunda of the Norfolk Consolidated Courthouse on December 27, 2017 at 9 a.m.

    Sheriff Baron was initially sworn in as Interim Sheriff on February 1, 2017 following the retirement of Sheriff Bob McCabe. He was duly elected Sheriff by the citizens of Norfolk on November 7, 2017.

    2017 party headerThe NSO staff holiday party, held December 20th was a great reminder of just how much our organization is like a big family.  We share our successes, mourn our losses, and come together to take care of each other when things get bumpy.

    From the food, abundant raffle prizes, full billiards tables, and good company in a relaxed environment, it was a great evening, full of cameraderie and optimism about the coming year.

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    Continuing a tradition that goes back many years, the Norfolk Sheriff's Office has once again teamed up with PortAlliance Federal Credit Union, and joined this year by the Sheriff Joe Baron Foundation, to provide turkeys and goods for a holiday meal to Norfolk senior citizens, churches, and families with children in need.

    Deliveries were made on the morning of December 19 by Sheriff Baron and members of the NSO staff.

    Afterwards, we sent this message (slightly edited) to Robin Engelhart with PortAlliance, who did a great job spearheading the effort on their behalf, and to whom we are most appreciative:

    Woody group shot 16x9John “Woody” Woodward is retiring in January after serving the citizens of Norfolk for 48.5 years - 27 at NPD and 21.5 at the NSO. Sheriff Baron worked with him at NPD for over 30 years.

    John has worked in different divisions during his tenure at the NSO (as a sworn staff member and later as a civilian) and has mastered each task he was assigned.

    As a Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Assessor, John was recognized with the 2014 VLEPSC commissioners’ award, given annually to someone who is distinguished in the field of accreditation.

    presentation 4The 2017 Hampton Roads Hero Games are in the books, and the Norfolk Sheriff's Office's team made us proud. After coming in first overall in the inaugural games last year, NSO placed a solid second this year.

    First place for 2017 went to our brothers and sisters with the Norfolk Police Department. We offer our sincere congratulations to them.

    In addition to those from Norfolk, first responders from Chesapeake, Hampton, Suffolk, Virginia Beach, and Newport News competed in the event.

    Give LifeSome holiday gifts are fun; some sweet; some extravagant. But none is more meaningful than the gift of life.

    The Red Cross says blood supplies always run low during the holidays, so as we have in past years, the Norfolk Sheriff's Office organized a blood drive to help out. It was held on December 6 in the Training Center. We provided food, entertainment, and a raffle prize to participants.

    We collected 19 units of blood during the drive, which the Red Cross said will impact 57 lives.

    Great job, Team NSO!


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